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Women-centered Writing Workshop  

Mentoring women to access their innate power and beauty through writing

There is power and beauty in being a woman but most often than not we find this realm inaccessible. We get glimpses of this wonderful divinity only to lose sight of her ever so quickly. This workshop is designed to allow women to access that very deep knowing and voice through writing.

In this 3 part workshop series, we will deep dive into our potential

by evoking the divine power within in day one,

then exploring our needs and desires in day two.

The final workshop day is dedicated to expression of our authenticity.


I will provide anecdotes and prompts to assist you. Even if you have never written anything before, or you are a keen writer, join me as we uncover our true beauty to then shine forth in our world.


Dates and times: 9th October Monday 7:30PM GMT +2

11the October Wednesday 7:30PM GMT +2

13th October Friday 7:30PM GMT +2

Zoom link will be sent after sign up

Cost: EUR 100 for the 3 day workshop series


I am a certified Life and Spiritual Coach and my Vision is to inspire others, especially mid-lifers, like me, live their best and most vibrant life. This is my purpose, my aim, my calling. 


Sign up and let us uncovering our authentic power and beauty!

In no way, is this workshop discriminatory towards other genders, this is merely aimed at people who identify themselves as women.

Photo courtesy: Cotton Bro Studio

Yes, I want to attend the workshop series!

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