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Removing blocks, fears and insecurities

Identify, challenge, eliminate them to live a vibrant life

We all know what happiness is and we all yearn for fulfilment in our lives. And yet, we stumble on blocks along the way, we come across fears that act as walls between where we are and where we want to be. 

Date and time: 2nd December 2023 Saturday at 3PM GMT+1/ 9AM EST/ 7:30PM IST 

In this 60-minute workshop

  • you will discover what your blocks are

  • you will have an opportunity to challenge them 

  • and finally, you will release them and invite new energy into your life

Photo courtesy: Cesar Coni, pexels 

Yes, I want to attend the free workshop!

Join this workshop and identify, challenge and eliminate blocks to live a vibrant life 

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