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Awaken is an online inner wellbeing program that aims at giving more peace and clarity to mid-lifers as they transition through this very important gateway on their life’s journey. Each module is designed to be a signpost along the way, providing direction to uncovering a vast resource of inner harmony and joy. The program is a self-discovery process, with each module unearthing layers of our own personas, thus assisting us to know ourselves better.

What is Awaken?

In this program, we will explore how 4 pillars of your life can enhance your understanding of self and thus your well-being. It is my belief that the more you know yourself, the higher the chances are that you will be able to engage with your external circumstances in a mindful and sustainable way. We cannot influence what happens around us, but we have total control of how we respond to situations. At mid life, it is important to re-evaluate our path and align ourselves with our purpose and goals. Awaken does just that.


Habits & Patterns

In this module, we talk about the habits and patterns and actually lies below the why we do the things we do. We also explore ways in which to replace certain habits.



In this module, we uncover our values, which are the guide rails on our journey. We identify the ones that are authentically ours and find ways to live our lives according to them.


Blocks, Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Here, we deep dive into blocks, fears and limiting beliefs and how they are the obstacles on our way to happiness and joy. Through powerful questioning we challenge them and eliminate them



Here, we talk about the oneness and separateness of all. In the seeming dichotomy, we find peace and learn to embrace our deepest connection to ourselves. Spirituality explained through the lens of science making it more tangible.

* 3 hours of video training, including meditation for each module to consolidate
* 48 page downloadable Workbook with explanation, intention setting, guided      exercises, journaling, accountability sections for each module
* Initial introduction/discovery 
section with assessment in Workbook
* Review section with re-visiting your initial assessment in Workbook
* 18 page downloadable Resources pdf with inspirational quotes, suggested blogs, videos,    books, and affirmations for each module

Monthly live Q&A sessions through our private Facebook group when you sign up

Invitations to the Q&A sessions will be sent only to Awaken members

An invitation to join our private Facebook group designed for mid lifers. Whether you decide to buy Awaken or not, I will honoured to have to join us as we connect with each other in a safe space that I hold for you.
Be a part of the Midlife Expansion Community!


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