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Mid-Life Evolution

Empowering mid lifers transition from the past into a joyful future with ease and grace


to creating your unique and beautiful future in an authentic and mindful way

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About me

I am a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach who helps mid-lifers transition through the challenges life doles out, be it stress and overwhelm at workplace, a divorce, separation, career change, empty nesters, or simply looking for answers to burning questions about their purpose in life. All these factors singularly or even combined can take away from our happiness and joy that we are meant to live.

I am truly blessed to have been on a challenging life path and grateful to life to have opened doors to infinite peace, and beauty. Through my work, I would like to give back some of this happiness and inspire people to experience life to the fullest.

Spiritual Coaching adds an additional and unique dimension to the traditional Life Coaching, where we explore how life can unfold in mysterious and sublime ways, asking deeper questions that really get to the heart of things. Integrating spirituality into our lives, we see a much bigger definition of ourselves and how we relate to each other and all of life. 

On the personal front, I define myself as: gardener, writer, artist, yogini. Mother, friend, hugger, seeker. Foodie, cook, homemaker, chocaholic. 


If you

If you are at a crossroads in your life, confusion simply whispers that clarity is not far behind. 

If you find yourself challenged in your workplace with exponentially increasing stress, overwhelmed with AI and how that will affect your job, then this the biggest sign that you are ready to gain clarity and avoid burnout. 

If you have ever experienced heartbreak, frustration, and/or betrayal, you are not alone. 

If you feel defeated, stuck or lacking purpose, there is a way through.

If you want to leave your past behind, this is a sign you are ready for your future.

Dear friend, allow me to acknowledge your heart-ache, your pain, your struggle. I assure you that you are loved and your life is special and meaningful. 

Working with me, you will find clarity, direction, purpose and  joy.

It will be my honour to walk beside you at this pivotal time in your life.


Your life is unique and so is your purpose. Let's begin by identifying and dreaming the life you desire. The kind of path that is only meant for you. Working with me, you will set a clear direction to empower you on your journey.


Re-gain your trust in your life’s path and in yourself. Your past experiences do not define your future. Working with me, you will develop a keen sense of trust and intuition that will guide you towards your goals.


Your “one precious life“ is all you have. With my support, you will experience every day as the treasured gift that it is. You will learn from past adversities and step into your own truly beautiful and authentic life.

Client love

I was drawn to Ansua as my coach during a very positive and yet somewhat turbulent transition time in my life. I had lost connection with my sense of self, my purpose and my spiritual practice. Ansua is an excellent coach. Her warmth, compassion, deep and careful listening always made me feel deeply heard - not just the words but what was communicated in the silence between and beyond the words. She is professional, deeply caring and knowledgeable. The ideal coach for me for the topics I brought. I now have a renewed sense of purpose and a gentle, nourishing spiritual practice that I was yearning for and was blocking myself from for years. I feel deeply grateful.
I would highly recommend her as a coach for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with themselves and looking for their place in this world.
Ansua: Thank you for this beautiful journey, I treasure it for always.

Inga, UK

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