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We cannot deny that humanity is going through a massive shift in identity at this very moment. There are polarities in the way we feel, think and act. On the one hand, there is mass destruction, war, rage, hatred, anger, and disease that physically and mentally cripple us. We see it in the world, countries against other countries, neighbors against neighbors, and right at our doorsteps, with racial and domestic violence.

On the other hand, there is a sweeping rise in global consciousness. There are voices that are now audible, getting stronger by the day professing the injustice but also love and peace that our world needs. Global communities are gathering to pray and meditate. Today, more than ever before, we have yoga centers and meditation groups, online and in person where individuals gather to send waves of healing across the planet. Self-development programs are on the rise, and it is exactly the message we all need to hear now; development of self, as the old Greek maxim of gnōthi sauton carved on the Temple of Apollo, and later interpreted by Plato to translate as know your soul or know thyself. There is, and I think we will all agree, no better place to begin a transformation, than the work we do on our own selves.

This transformation is both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. As humans we are prone to opposing new things, as change is always scary and the unknown always dangerous. However, if we can brave the turbulence within our souls and remain curious by saying yes to the new, yes to the transformation, yes to the awakening, then the universe unfolds in all its glory, for we can truly discover the truths of who we really are. We can then begin to see the beauty of our existence, the gifts we are here to share and the profound love that is in our hearts. Thoreau said, only that day dawns to which we are awake. And there is great truth in that.

The wonderful Martha Beck writes:

Mere change is what a caterpillar does when it gets bigger. Awakening is the transformation of that same caterpillar into an altogether different creature—one that can fly. When a human being awakens, the “caterpillar” we leave behind is the part that fears, suffers, attacks others, grabs for power, wealth, and status, and lives in terror of its own destruction. The “butterfly” we become is at peace with both life and death, confident that the universe will provide for us, open to brilliant creative ideas that may pull us out of the mess we’ve created. Ordinary humans, in our pain and fear, are destroying the world. Awakened humans, in peace and creativity, can save it.

We are at this threshold where we are nudged by the universe to awaken. Some of us will heed the call sooner, some later. But there is no choice left but to embrace this wave of transformation and ride it with ease and grace. A significant question to ask ourselves as we move into the new era of awakened consciousness,is how is my new identity serving the world? Just that one thought and the answers we come up with, is enough to create a life worth not just dying for but living for. We each have a unique role to play in this wonderful journey from perhaps falling apart to living with joy and peace, from desperation and apathy to a fulfilled and rich life, from a hurt to an elevated existence.

Photo by: by Giannis Tsoumetis on pexels


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