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Be divine

Look around this morning, or afternoon, or evening, when this letter finds its way into your inbox.


What is it like?

What colour is the sky?

What shades are the trees that sway outside your window?

How do the eyes of your loved one shine or look away into the horizon?


What do you notice?


Life is happening in most extraordinary ways all around us. Every hour, every minute and every second of every day. The miraculous thing we call life is preforming its endless dance all around us. Look around, there it is, this dance that is so primeval yet so fresh, so mysterious yet so familiar.

We can’t put a name to it, but we know it is there.

What is this life? What is it that we can sense but can’t articulate? That which beats in our hearts but cannot be expressed.


Listen to the rhythm of the trees and the song of the ocean. The breath of the wind and the cry of the seagull. The beating of the heart and the drums of thunder.


When the longing arises that pull on the heart strings, when we touch a person in pain, when we pat someone’s back who is suffering, when we pause to smell a meadow of spring flowers, when we face the sky to taste the first snow, that is when we touch the divine.

Within us. And around us.


Today, when I see your tears

They are mine

And I cast aside my fears

To extend my hand to you


Where there is joy

I am

Where there is grief

I am


I will hold this world

As this world holds me

I will rest in your arms

As you rest in mine


And for this moment

Between the earth and sky

Like a bright star

I will be divine


 Photo courtesy: Eberhard Grossgasteiger on pexels


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