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How you move matters

says Adriene.

We are all transitioning, all the time, big and small. 💫

Whether it is transitioning between jobs, relationships or even from one part of the day to the next. It can be as huge as death and as small as a meal. ⭐️

How much awareness can we bring into these moments?

How are we moving through these “in between” times?

Are we in grace, in harmony?

Or are we in rage, despair and hurt?

As Adriene says, how we move matters. This need not only relate to the yoga mat, ✨but spills off into our lives. After all, yoga is simply a practice we cultivate to guide us through life. 🧘‍♀️

So the next time, ask yourself,

How am I moving?🌸

How am I facing the changes? ☀️

How can I bring more grace during challenging times? 🌷

You need not know the answer and I am sure most of us won’t. But it is the act of asking, checking in, becoming aware and finally remaining curious for the answers to come that we begin to open up to countless possibilities and the beauty that is in and around us. 🫶

How are you moving through life?

Drop an emoji ❤️ if this resonates.

Love and light 🌷

Ansua 💕

Photo by Fabio Marciano on pexels



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