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Maintaining Integrity in Midlife

Martha Beck writes,


The word “integrity” has taken on a slightly prim, judgmental nuance in modern English, but the word comes from the Latin integer, which simply means “intact.” To be in integrity is to be one thing, whole and undivided.


Since, we are all on our individual journeys, integrity means different things to different people. And it really doesn’t have to be anything big, it could be something as simple as acting out of kindness to others and self. For me, integrity means acting in alignment with my values of courage and truth.

In mid-life, when we are called to re-evaluate our life, we can begin by asking ourselves these simple questions:


  • Am I acting out of integrity in this particular situation?

  • How do I feel when I am doing things that does not align with who I am?

  • How do I feel when things align with my identity?

  • What can I do to bring more integrity in my life?


A great place to start is by beginning to observe the physical body and how it responds to situations.


I have uploaded an explanation on youtube, if you wish to have more information, do check that out.


Sending you love and light,



Photo by: pixabay on pexels


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