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Our experience of life shapes the evolution of Consciousness

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to you or to your family? These could be something truly devastating, like death or loss of relationship, health, job, home. Or these could be relatively minor, like a car breaking down, or you missing the bus, or losing a bet? There is something fundamental at play here that I believe to be crucial in our perception and understanding of our lives.


If we can, even for a moment, accept the fact that we may not have all the answers, and that what we experience through our sensory fields is limited, suddenly, the possibilities of what could be become endless. We are now not limiting our search for answers to our intellect. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In fact, we need our intellect, our ego brain to allow us to function. But there is another dimension to this, another layer that we can allow to come forward. And that is the dimension of the unknown.

The unknown is a place of endless possibilities. The Greek philosopher, Plato, once famously said, I know that I don’t know. Take a moment to imagine the freedom in that thought. Suddenly, we are freed from limiting our beliefs and ideas and can now expand to the limitless.


A great way to experience this potential is through meditation. By imagining the vastness of space between each atom and each breath, we can touch Consciousness. It is almost like zooming out instead of zooming in. There are a lot of meditation techniques that can assist you in achieving this level of expansion. But honestly, there are no special techniques needed, only our complete awareness of the present moment. What this also does, is allows us to gain a broader perspective of things by letting us detach from outcomes and happenings.


When seen from this point of view, what if that bad thing that happened to us, was in fact a natural progression of our life’s path and needed to happen? What if it needed to happen so we could grow? So, our Consciousness, which is not separate from the One Source, could grow? Growth is the currency of our existence. That is the way the Universe and all that is works, so why should we not work the same way? During this growth, there are certain natural turns life must take, much like the birth and death of stars. All that has life is born and must die, only for new life to be created. And in each new creation, the next level of awakening happens.


I understand that some things that occur can be acutely painful and sometimes it is not possible to understand and see why such horror can happen. I understand also that grief and loss are a part of the soul’s healing process. The more we can heal the more we can grow. And the more we grow, Consciousness grows along with us. I don’t have any suitable explanation that can bring relief to painful situations that happen, but I do know that we need to step back, experience space in order to gain perspective. We have to zoom out if we have to give meaning to our existence.

The more we practice coming into the global Consciousness the easier it will become for us to tap into an inclusive mindset. The easier it will be to find calm in turbulence, to find peace when there is noise.


This exchange of energies within the realm of Consciousness works both ways. The more we grow, the more Consciousness grows. Our expression becomes the expression of the Consciousness. Our soul speaks the same language, our hearts beat the same rhythm. From the tiniest seed to the child that is in its mother’s womb, the miracle of life continues. In all ways and form, we perceive creation and life, thereby creating it the way we perceive. And in doing so, we become the Consciousness.  We bless that which blesses us. What a grand and divine form our lives take. All that is, is within us. All that is, is us. And all that is us is everything.

Photo by Hristo Fidanov on pexels


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