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Resilience: The art of getting up and getting on

How easy it is to become upset will determine how we move through life. There are many people who are by nature more resilient than others. However, resilience is a skill that can be developed and harnessed when need be. It is probably one of the most important life skills we will need.

Resilience doesn’t mean pushing through negative states that punch us down to the ground. It literally means “to rebound.” Thus, it is more about first being willing to accept that there are things that happen to us that are not in our control. And these might have effect on our lives. Covid is a huge example of an outside influence that entirely changed not just our personal lives but also our environment, our socio-economic structure. This was one event that spoke to our fears in a way that nothing else did. And, most importantly, this was not in our control. How we reacted to this, individually and globally, is the essence of resilience. This is the part where we are faced with our greatest fears, our inner demons and not panicking. This is saying: okay, I get it. The situation is not okay, but I will be okay, and I will practice my calm in the face of the storm.

Once we accept the inevitability of a situation outside our control, this is when creativity and flexibility steps in. This is where we ask questions like, how can I navigate through this? How can I create the best possible life, the best possible future for me and my loved ones? How can I remain flexible and be willing to explore new paths, remain curious and be open to possibilities rather than fixating on a certain way of thinking, a definite path we were taking before any calamity hit us? This is where we learn to lean into the situation rather than avoid or fight against it. This fans the flames of creativity and we discover different paths to take, different approaches to consider. It makes us more available and thus more resilient.

Developing resilience, just like any other skill, is not something that can happen overnight. It requires time, and thus calls on one of the most difficult attributes: patience. Patience is not synonymous to waiting. It means trusting that it will be okay and allowing the unfolding to happen. Waiting is simply signaling to the universe a desperate neediness and then by law we get more of the absence back. Patience demands from us a modicum of decorum in the way we behave and think as we develop resilience.

And with time, we learn to be resilient in the face of any curve balls that life throws at us. And we do this, with grace and ease. As if everything is a play. And that’s exactly what it is.

Sending you love and light,



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